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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Julian Tells It Like It Is!

Get on yer train and look for work


Clear Hardly said...

Ha ha!! But seriously, its rumoured there’s been a bit of a policy breakthrough which Pipey’s promoting here. In partnership with TfL, Hackney Council’s allowed to issue free Oyster cards to certain residents and there’s to be Circle Line trains running all night . TfL's passenger figures & Hackney's homelessness targets get resolved at a stroke. Plus needy people get somewhere dry to sleep for the night.It's a win win for everyone.

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting. Hackney can't really be serious about putting homeless families on overnight trains. Its outrageous. What about the children.

Jules Pipe, Mayor of Hacks said...

Don't worry anonymous, I've been informed that the children are also to be put on overnight trains, therefore keeping them with their homeless parents.

Clear Hardly said...

There you see - New Labour's well deserved reputation for caring is still intact. I gather they even insist the kids are up and out by 5am just to make sure they're not late for school