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Friday, November 23, 2007

Ken Attacks Boris Over "Trigger Happy" Remarks

'Red' Ken Livingstone yesterday viciously attacked Conservative Mayoral candidate Boris Johnson, following remarks that Boris made on the BBC's World At One programme about officers involved in the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes.

"Now just come along with us, Mr. Akehurst"Interviewed on the programme, Mr Johnson said "I think the real reason Jean Charles de Menezes got killed in the Stockwell Tube was not just because the police were too trigger happy, although I think you could argue that they were, but also because if you look at the chain of events that led to up his killing he was accompanied by several police officers throughout that morning, several surveillance officers, and at no stage did they think it worthwhile or think it possible to tap him on the shoulder and inquire who he was."

Attacking the description of the officers as "trigger happy", Mr Livingstone called on Johnson to "retract this slur against people who regularly put their lives in extreme danger to protect Londoners" and called on Labour Party members to rally in defence of the police. Condemning the comments made by Johnson, Livingstone claimed that it was utterly appropriate for the police to shoot innocent Londoners in the head seven times in order to protect public safety.

He was subsequently arrested and detained overnight in a police cell, despite protesting his insanity and demanding to be given appropriate psychiatric treatment.


Anonymous said...

Next time,could the Met arrange to shoot someone whose name is easier to pronounce for TV and radio newsreaders? Like Johnson or Livingstone, for example?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I will definitely be voting for him, assuming they let you vote these days when you're detained in a secure unit.