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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Nomination Unsuccessful

The most nerve-wracking aspect of being an Election Agent is now over - getting your candidate's nomination papers in by the deadline in valid format - something I and every other Agent have nightmares over. You have no idea how difficult it can be when your reading, writing and spelling are not too hot.

Mohamed Munaf Zina - the man with the nice red tieAnyhow, it's done now and I can announce that the unsuccessful Labour Candidate for the Springfield Ward of Hackney Council in the by-election to be held on 20 December will be the excellent Mohamed Munaf Zina.

I say unsuccessful, because although Mohamed Zina has been brilliantly successful in his professional career as a founder Director of the Islamic Fostering Service, his results at the ballot box and hustings have been rather less noteworthy. In last year's Hackney Council elections he was an unsuccessful Labour candidate for Cazenove Ward (beaten by the LibDems) and in this March's parliamentary selection for Bethnal Green and Bow he came near the bottom of the field, miles behind the eventually selected female candidate Rushanara Ali.

Election law prevents me from commenting on the likelihood of his winning the seat in Springfield vacated by Eric Ollerenshaw, but I can report that the average Tory vote in 2006 was 785 and the average Labour vote was 524. So a 25% swing from Conservative to Labour would just about do the trick. Still, I can only offer the best of luck to Mohamed and Mariyam. A nicer family you couldn't wish to meet.

Promoted by Luke Akehurst of Flat 1, 8 Beatty Road, London, N16 8EB on behalf of Mohamed Munaf Zina of 91 Kyverdale Road, London, N16 6PP. [Great - I remembered both of our addresses correctly].


Anonymous said...

I believe your imprint is incorrect. You have failed to show who "printed" the statement - see Newspapers, Printers, and Reading Rooms Repeal Act 1869, Election Publications Act 2001, RPA 1983. In this case, I believe it would be Google.

I wouldn't bother telling the fake Akehurst.

Anonymous said...

Nice tie, even nicer shine on his head!