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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Winterval From Julian, Me And The Hackney Toady

On behalf of Hackney Council, may I wish all my readers a very Happy Winterval.

To all Hackney residents - from those luxuriating in yuppie penthouse suites overlooking the Regent's Canal to those grovelling in run-down social housing in Chatham Ward - good luck to you all. Don't forget to pick up your free holiday souvenir copy of Hackney Toady - the newspaper that tells it like it is!

Hackney Toady has been a beacon of truth and honesty during a year when the rabble of Tories, LibDems, cyclists and swimmers have told nothing but lies about the glorious achievements of Mayor Pipeshaft and our New Labour Council. Click on the images below to see how we told the truth while the gutter press lied and lied.



Scrooge said...

Apparently Hackney employees have been told to tell everyone they know what a great place Hackney is to work and live in. Actions speak louder than words don't they know that?
Merry CHRISTmas

lord london fields lido said...

I presume this will be going on your last leaflet of the campaign in Springfield?

Luke Akehurst said...

As I told you earlier, I'm just pretending to be campaigning in Springfield. There are no leaflets. The deal is that we don't challenge the status quo in the Tory and LibDem wards and they don't say anything about the way we win the Labour wards. I thought you understood that. But remember - Sssshhhh! Mum's the word. We don't want everyone doing it.