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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mrs. Follett's Folly - A Jolly Unfair Attack On Barbie

Quaffing a glass of Veuve Cliquot the other night, I was minded to publish a piece about the class divide. The Parliamentary Register of Members' Interests shows that the ruling class is still well represented by the Tories in Westminster, judging by the following donations:

£325 - Champagne and postage stamps
£4,000 - "Villa"
£3,000 - "Boat trip"
£1,200 - "table gifts"

But I soon stopped, before falling into a little local cesspool. Sometimes I forget just what social class our MPs originate from in today's Labour Party, since we got rid of the nasty working-class oiks and replaced them with decent upright citizens of a better social standing, such as myself.

The Waltons of SchuysterMind you, this piece is surely going a bit over the top. Poor Barbara Follett is a very busy woman fulfilling her obligations to the electors of Stevenage, while also looking after her husband, their property, their business interests and a huge family.

So for her to have £109,000 worth of Parliamentary expenses, a £10,000 "communications" allowance and a £100,000 per annum "subsidy from her husband" seems perfectly reasonable to me. And if she was so busy that her £100,000 in donations to the Labour Party were allegedly not all declared properly in accordance with PPERA 2000. That just proves that we are much busier than the layabouts in the Tory Party.

Mind you, the headline "Buy-to-let Barbie cashes in on MPs' housing perk" is going a bit far. I've seen Barbie dolls and they're blonde, whereas Barbara Follett is definitely brunette.


angel thighs said...

Shuysters indeed! Doesn't this make Stevenage a "rotten" borough?

babs said...

Strange family photo looks like she has two husbands and six children. Suppose she can afford it with all those expenses and a Millionaire husband