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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Knives Are Out (Or Is That In?)

There are times when I wonder whether the policies of my own government are entirely joined up. I've said this before over anti-nuclear and pro-nuclear policies, financial services privatisation and bank nationalisation and support for the supermarkets and concern over obesity. But the news today had me deeply puzzled. As regular readers will know, I'm no fan of Ed Balls, a smarmy little creep who makes more in combined family expenses than Linda and I make in salaries when we're both working. But looking at this week's announcements from Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, even I am left wondering what on earth he's doing in charge of a Government department.
Now I'm open to correction here, but isn't the first class on a cookery course normally knife skills? And doesn't each child get issued with a large, sharp kitchen knife with which to chop their vegetables? D'oh!


Sir Richard Brandson-Pickle said...

Honestly Luke, when did you last fly? We now have wonderful knives onboard that are so blunt they wouldn't cut butter if it had sat in Linda's naked lap for a week or more. We'll supply them to Hackney schools for free, if you like.

Clear Hardly said...

Sir Richard B-P is known, when shitting on people from a great height, to intone that hot-air balloonists mantra -"Flatulence will get you nowhere". So watch out Luke - it seems he thinks you're all all puff and no substance.