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Monday, February 04, 2008

Have I Missed The Point?


For Queen and Country against terrorismBut my reaction to the Sadiq Khan story is that this is all just another case of media hysteria aimed at selling more newspapers. After all, Sadiq Khan can't possibly be concerned about being bugged while visiting a prison. He is, after all, a minister in the Government Whip's Office, with special responsibility for managing Ministry of Justice legislation, including that for prisons. Where the law allows the interception of calls as part of anti-terrorism strategy, Sadiq Khan would be the first to support it.

And, of course, the man voted Newcomer of the Year award in the Spectator magazine's Parliamentarian of the Year awards and runner-up in Channel 4's Rising Star awards has a near-impeccable record in supporting the Government's measures to tighten up national and global security, including voting consistently and strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws, the introduction of ID cards and against investigating the Iraq war.

And how could I possibly criticise someone who have voted so consistently in favour of replacing Trident with a new nuclear missile system aimed at deterring people such as Babar Ahmad and his backers.

1 comment:

Augusta Bracknell said...

You are quite right. British security wouldn't bug Sadiq Khan and I'm sure he's very happy about surveillance of prisoners. People saying otherwise are just trouble-makers.