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Monday, March 10, 2008

Christine Shawcroft's Postman Backs Respect Against Ken

I was disgusted to hear that the SWP's Lindsey German is being backed against Ken Livingstone for Mayor of London by Mahmood Mehmet Ali, postal delivery officer for Christine Shawcroft, Vice-Chair of the Labour Representation Committee.

This is proof positive that Ms. Trotsky, as she is known to Grassroots Alliance subversives in Nottingham, is a Trotskyite sleeper who should be weeded out of the Labour Party at the earliest possible opportunity and preferably hung from the nearest tree with a handy length of recycled hemp.

Any self-respecting Labour Party member would interrogate their postman, window cleaner, butler, housekeeper, nanny, cook, valet, downstairs maid, chauffeur, dog walker, ironing woman and personal trainer to make sure that none of them are traitors to the cause.

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