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Saturday, March 01, 2008

It's No Wonder Hadrian Built That Bloody Wall

And it's no wonder I'm planning to move south. The further away I can get from those savages north of the Scottish border the better. Do these people have no respect for the decency and political standards of New Labour politics? It's bad enough that they've elected a temporary government of Tartan Tories with fake left-wing policies. And that Wendy Alexander has been hounded so outrageously by the media over a small donation to her campaign funds that she is no longer able to appear in public. But watching Question Time from Stirling on Thursday night convinced me we should use Lottery funding to restore Hadrian's Wall and expand it to stretch from the Irish Sea to the North Sea.

God, these people actually like the shoe fetishist and international terrorism sponsor, Galloway. They cheered and clapped him. And they hissed and booed the Labour and Tory representatives. It's another example of Trots running the BBC, of course, but even for them this was beyond the pale. Surely they could have gone out with teams of researchers looking for someone who supports the New Labour project and would like to see it restored north of the border? I was going to edit a few clips from the show, but it was so shocking I thought it best to publish the whole lot. It's in six sections due to limits imposed by YouTube. Pull up a chair and try not to laugh - this is a serious matter!

"This is a terrible war crime that our nation is involved in and we should be ashamed of ourselves"

"I would like to know why the Government is so reluctant to release the minutes of Cabinet meetings when the invasion of Iraq and its legality was discussed"

"What would happen if the whole national DNA database was lost on two disks in the post?"

"You can see how mixed up Scottish politics has become. The Tory's a Liberal, the Nationalist sounds like Labour and the formerly far-left Labour sounds like a total reactionary."

"The fact that he [Michael Martin] is claiming... the amounts of money we have heard about when so many people in this country live in abject poverty is obscene."

If Fidel Castro had been permitted to run the country without the blockade, how strong could they be now?"

Only one of the quotes above is from George Galloway. Have you guessed which one yet? Yes, it's number 4, questioning how a formerly left-wing Deputy SLP Leader could have assumed such a reactionary mantle. The others are all from members of the audience, one of whom closed the programme with this parting comment: "I'd just like to take this opportunity to salute George Galloway's indefatigability." [applause]. OMG! Pass me some bricks and mortar.


faceless said...

You're a small-minded anti-democratic wankstain, though considering you're a supporter of the apartheid state of Israel it's not really a surprise.

I find it quite revealing that you hate people so much that you'd go to the bother of recording and then uploading six videos to youtube just to show what made you shit yourself.

If this video upset you so much then it has probably upset all those thousands of other reactionary pricks like yourself and that is good to know.

Did you not realise that the people were cheering the concept rather than the person? Do you not think that the Scots have the sense to see through the Zionist bullshit?

You're a bigot. Fuck off.

Luke Akehurst said...

You and whose army?

Luke Akehurst said...

Oh, do come on. Have I got to answer the question for you, dimwit?

"Me and William Wallace's army."