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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Get Some Decent Photos, Guido

The latest in an occasional series noting that right-wing bloggers know next to nothing about the internal politics of the Labour Party. Guido has a go at me, accusing me of speaking in the Trident replacement debate at last June's Compass conference at Central Hall Westminster (pretty much the worst slander you could ever throw at someone in my view).

If anyone is moronic enough to think that I took part in any such debate, sharing a platform with the despicable and traitorous members of Compass and CND, I'd damned well like to see the evidence.

God knows who the fat ginger bloke is, but it certainly isn't me
Never hesitate to let a whacking good photo get in the way of the boring facts, though, Guido.
Er... is that right, Linda?

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Arthur Bigone said...

Nice shirt Ginge and stop doodling