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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

High Noon In The Palace Of Westminster

A fetching outfit with matching baseball cap
Keeping out water in Centre Parcs
"Like wearing moccasins to visit my Indian constituents"
Keeping out bullets in Peckham

Should be fun at PMQs tomorrow.


Diane "street walker" Abbott said...

Does this mean she will be visiting Hackney in a tank?

Anonymous said...

Probably scared of losing her Million's. She is the niece of the late Countess of Longford and educated at St Paul's (a female version of Eton). Also bent as a nine bob note. Remember her Judge sister getting being struck off when passing info to Harriet the then Solicitor General.

Also a prolific speeder on the roads.

A horrible woman

Luke Akehurst said...

Everything in the above comment only represents the views of Anonymous, writing in a personal and individual capacity and does not necessarily reflect the views of me, Hackney Council or The Labour Party. All verbs should be preceded by the adverb "allegedly".

Luke Akehurst said...

... and all nouns preceded by the adjective "alleged".

Luke Akehurst said...

Mind you, I didn't vote for the horrible woman. I voted for the ginger dwarf.

Luke Akehurst said...


Dyanne Costello said...

I had that bloke, Hague's dad, in the back of my cab once. He was no angel neither.

dyanne costello said...


Angus Mulready-Jones said...

Not as Posh as me

Pimms o'clock!