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Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Nasties

My friend Gertrude Dunwinning asked me to post a link to this morning's Guardian blog post from John Harris. "Why are they saying this about us?", she demanded to know. "Why has the Guardian suddenly become so right-wing?"

The caring face of Crewe & Nantwich
Moyra Tamsin Dunwoody-Kneafsey
(Hereditary Rule & Register All Immigrants
The article refers to our perfectly reasonable tactic of dressing up in top hat and tails to stalk the Crewe & Nantwich candidate, "Tory Boy" Timpson. After all, he does come from a rich property-owning family - unlike anyone in the Labour Party.

We should attack him for being a "toff", despite the fact that the family has spent a large proportion of its wealth, in typical Quaker style, supporting abused, neglected and vulnerable children in the community. I mean, we can't get all sentimental about that sort of thing now, can we? And we did give back the money we stole from the poorest electors.
The nasty face of Crewe & Nantwich
Eddie Timpson
(Children's Rights)

Whereas I don't mind putting the class war boot in, I am a bit queasy about the CLP playing the race card against the establish Polish community. Apparently we've been suggesting that, unlike our good selves, the Tories might oppose "making foreign nationals carry an ID card". That doesn't seem quite right to me. Nor did Labour campaigning openly as the party with the hereditary candidate, under the slogan: "Tamsin Dunwoody will always stand up for you and your family, she's a Dunwoody after all."

Mind you, I do like Harris's final sentence: "...right now, the Tories really are sounding more progressive than Labour, and that way lies not just electoral defeat, but the prospect of complete wipe-out." He did mean a wipe-out of the Tories, didn't he?

1 comment:

Ingrid Polansky said...

My God - have you seen what Labour is doing in Crewe? Whatever happened to the party that once had principles, a moral position and supported human decency? Today's Labour is a bloody disgrace.