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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sheep Nominate Pussycat

I had a good laugh the other day at the miserable failure of Fran Griffith's CLP secretary to send her nomination in on time due to some pathetic excuse such as serious illness or death.

"Baaaahhhh!""Meeeoooowww!"Now it appears that the Grassroots Alliance - or at least its main component the Campaign For Labour Party Democracy - has decided to urge its large flock of woolly minded supporters to use their sixth vote for the regal and attentive Blairite feline Ellie Reeves.

Not everyone on the left of the Party has greeted this decision with acclaim. Bernard Ingham look-alike, unreconstructed hippy, Grand Witch of Hebden and aptly named journalist Susan Press is distinctly unhappy. Oh dear!

I do hate it when Labour Party members take their pet issue and stir it up into an veritable farmyard of discontent inside an already-disintegrating Party.


Anonymous said...


I got an even better picture of you:

Luke Akehurst said...

Can't read your link - use tinyurl

ilikeakehurstfanclub said...

No, but I could read the link - and I shouldn't bother yourself. It is just a horrid graphic which appears to be implying that you are a two-faced, bespectacled, ginger-haired ugly man. I would ignore it if I were you.

Yours affectionately,

Luke Akehurst Fan Club