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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No Time For Trots

I know that many of my regular readers will have been wondering why I've been supporting Ken on this blog. After all, I've spent most of the past two decades hating the man's guts. You've got to give me credit for a good attempt. I've made up some convincing reasons to back Livingstone.

The results of my backing thus far are demonstrated in today's YouGov poll, which shows him 5% ahead of Ken - 44% for Boris, 39% for Ken, 12% for Paddick. Pretty good, eh? The scheme is working well.

With my help, you'll get a result you don't expectNow for the killer blow. Up until now, I've just been blogging for Ken and mentioning him at the occasional CLP meeting. But now is the time to encourage everyone in the Labour Party to start delivering leaflets, knocking on doors and hitting the phones. I'll be producing thousands of copies of a special election leaflet with a ringing endorsement for comrade Livingstone, showing my smiling face next to his. And a special mini-cassette with a speech of support from me that can be played over the telephone.

If activity isn't being organised in your patch yet, take responsibility and offer your services to the campaign here. Make sure you tell them you were referred by Akehurst for Ken.

That should just about sort it. With a bit of hard work, I can bring Livingstone the same success that I've had in successive parliamentary election campaigns.


Anonymous said...

Like Siamese twins, with strange bits growing out of the shoulders. So glad to see that you two have kissed and made up.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, that's Livingstone's political career shot...

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