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Friday, January 04, 2008

I'm Supporting Ken...

...or his head, at least.

Alright, I admit it, I photoshopped the slim body
Oh, go on. You know perfectly well why.

Ken is the official Labour candidate and I'd support Genghis Khan, Pol Pot or Bubbles Devere if they were standing for New Labour.

Besides which, I've always thought Ken was a decent chap, with sound political arguments and policies very much in the interests not only of Londoners but of the whole country.

I know many people would have never thought I would be posting this, but I am, and I'm supporting Pink Ken's campaign enthusiastically. Join the campaign here.

Unlike my moronic impersonator who, despite pretending to support Livingstone, has issued a torrent of anti-Ken abuse on his blog since it started. I mean, what kind of warped sicko would publish a blog post supporting the campaign of someone of whom they had previously said the following:

"I didn't want Ken Livingstone back in the Labour Party."

"A 'militia' is of course an old Leninist demand popularised by Ken Livingstone's economics adviser John Ross (like most of Ken's kitchen cabinet a former member of the central committee of the International Marxist Group which subsequently entered into the Labour Party as 'Socialist Action')."

"Ken Livingstone [proved] why he should never have been readmitted to the Labour Party with his remarks about Trevor Phillips."

"So Ken Livingstone has won his High Court appeal against the Adjudication Panel for England's finding that he brought his office into disrepute over 'unnecessarily offensive' and 'indefensible' comments made to Jewish journalist Oliver Finegold. But as far as I know he has never been investigated by the Labour Party over whether his comments 'brought the Labour Party into disrepute', an offence under Party rules... It looks like prima facie there is a case to be investigated."

"If [Ken] was a councillor (and if he was his comments would have received less publicity and hence damaged the Party less) they would be likely to have resulted in a Labour Party disciplinary investigation. That may have cleared him but at least it would have looked into the matter."

"There is one Rulebook for Ken and another for the rest of us who hold public office, and indeed the wider membership."

"Reg Freeson was a Labour leftwinger, but, like Frank Dobson, this did not stop him being knifed by Ken Livingstone who had him de-selected to create a parliamentary vacancy in Brent East for Ken to fill. It's a shame that someone who made a fine contribution to Labour as an MP and Minister is now mainly remembered for the humiliating and gratuitous way they were shoved aside to make way for Livingstone."

"However, rather than focussing on this kind of disgusting bigotry, anti-racists are busy attacking each other - see Ken Livingstone's bizarre series of attacks on Trevor Phillips."

"Highlight for me was falling asleep during Ken Livingstone's speech. I woke up in time to hear that the GLA (and presumably the London precept on my council tax) are funding a festival of Cuban culture next year to celebrate 50 years of the revolution."

"Mayor Ken Livingstone seems to have inspired an entire clause in the newly published Local Government & Public Involvement in Health Bill... translated into English that means that the law will be changed so that part of Ken's defence in the Finegold case - that he had his coat on and had left the building so was 'not acting in his official capacity' would no longer hold any legal weight."

"As for Blair, I hope he follows the precedent of various French PMs and becomes Mayor of a major city in retirement. I believe Ken is retiring in 2012 and 'Blair4Mayor' has a ring to it."

"Roy Shaw was Leader of Camden in the late '70s and early '80s, fighting running battles with Ken Livingstone who was his Chair of Housing and led a rival leftwing faction in the Camden Labour Group."

"I'm not very obsessed by Ken at all, actually."

"I had been under the impression that Jon Cruddas was a human being with a sense of humour who enjoyed a bit of political banter. I need to publicly apologise because his fan club have now made it clear to me in comments on posts below that he is in fact... anointed by Ken Livingstone, who is also above reproach and never, ever, stood in an election against any Labour Party candidate, particularly not one of Jon's other parliamentary nominators."

"McDonnell is so left-field that he was sacked by Ken Livingstone - of all people - for extremism."

"Other speakers include from the Labour Hard Left Ken Livingstone, John McDonnell and Tony Benn, Salma Yaqoob of Respect, and a whole bunch of people such as Andrew Murray who are the CPB's cadres inside various unions and campaigns."

So, between now and May 8th I shall be getting on my bike - like the more political of the two Huq sisters (the other one is keeping very quiet about Ken) - and campaigning vigorously for Ken Livingstone.
Ken gets Konnie excited over his pedaling plans
"It won't be a stylish marriage,
I don't get the Lord Mayor's carriage,
But you'll look sweet upon the seat
Of a bicycle built for two."


Jose Gonzales said...

You're not wrong there, Luke. I've been reading Rupa Huq's Home On The Range for ages now, and I don't recall anything about pedaling with cuddly Ken.

Flashy said...

Koni Huq hoooraaa sounds rather like Fu**

Dull said...

Huq, Rupa... sounds rather like pooper.