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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oh S**t, Why Did I Open My Big Stupid Mouth?

Just 6 months ago I was all fired up over Gordon's Big Tent. Oh, how times change. If only I'd seen then what I see now.

Maybe Boris's big tent will blow awayWhen I declared for Ken in January, I had absolutely no idea that four months later it would be Boris erecting the big tent and I would be excluded because of my rabid support for Mr. Livingstone. Even more ironic given that I can't stand the man (Ken, this is, not Boris).

Now the Mayoral election is all over bar the counting, with Ken's odds lengthening all the time and Boris 5-2 on to win, the Buffoon has been dishing out places in his big tent to all sorts of people.

First to accept a post was the MP for Vauxhall, Kate Hoey, who'll be Mayor's advisor on sports and the Olympics.

Slightly more reticent to come forward in advance of the official result (for fairly obvious reasons) is Brian Paddick, the LibDem Mayoral candidate widely tipped to become Chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority.

Just think what I could have been offered if I'd had the sense to keep my trap shut. Mayor's advisor on ginger rights? City Hall restaurant manager? Boris's personal political blogging consultant? All jobs with salaries in excess of £100,000 a year and with massive expenses. Even better than being an MP. Oh, s**t!


Anonymous said...

I thought circuses had been banned from performing with animals these days. So who's the orang-utang with the blue rosette?

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine you replacing Lee Jasper as "Mayor's advisor on people of colour". Now that would be a real laugh!