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Monday, July 10, 2006

Cameron Pulls 'Urban Cowboy' Stunt

"Dave boy" Cameron seems to be turning out to not be the genius political strategist some feared. In his "let's be understanding to hoodies" statement, the Old Etonian has ludicrously positioned himself as an urbane politician with street cred, while suggesting that people like me are middle middle-class twats pretending to be genuine representatives of the working-class masses.

It's easy for him to say "let's be understanding" when he represents a leafy bit of Oxfordshire where the height of anti-social behaviour is probably some under-age cider drinking in the village bus shelter. The people of Hackney's inner-city slums where I live, however, are terrorised by crime, vandalism, and "neighbours from hell".

I think these satellite photos of our respective dwellings make the point:

Cameron's shire county home
David Cameron's pad in leafy, green Witney

My inner urban slub hovel
My pad in barren, urban Stoke Newington


Pat Kelly said...

Oh my God! I thought this was a spoof entry, with faked pictures. But I searched on the internet and found post codes for both you and David Cameron, put them into Google Earth and... lo and behold, your pictures are actually genuine. Now at last I'm convinced which one of you two is the spoof and which is the real Luke Akehurst.

Anonymous said...


Luke Akehurst said...

I do hope that last comment was a satyrical reference to the government's "hearts and minds" programme in Afghanistan, and not a suggestion that you intend to engage in mindless violence towards me and my family.