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Monday, July 10, 2006

Great News For My Fans

I'm hoping to be elected Official Labour Blogger 2006I am delighted to announce that, following a chat with Hazel about the importance of party members and local activism to the renewal of the party, during which I brought her attention to the following: UK Political Bloggers Get Conservative Conference Spots, I have been invited to set up stall at GMEX this September.

Along with other famous Party bloggers under the Bloggers4Labour banner, you will be able to meet me in person in the Ethnic Diversity Celebration Wigwam, where I will be easy to spot as I will the the only real ginger blogger!

The choice of Manchester for this year's Party Conference was a result of my explaining to Hazel that, whereas very few people in Hackney listen to anything I say, I have an extensive fan base amongst Mancunian students.


Luke Akehurst said...

I would like to apologise for using the term "Red Indians" in my recent posting about my appearance at the forthcoming Labour Party Conference. Unfortunately, my spellchecker was turned off. I now recognise that I should have used the term "Indigenous Peoples of the United States". I would also like to apologise for posting a picture of a conical tipi to illustrate my presence in the Bloggers4Labour stand at the conference, when I should have used a picture of a wigwam, this being a more domed structure. Unfortunately, my spellchecker was turned off.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Akehurst,

On this side of the pond the correct term these days is American Indian with the American Indians being the only ethnic group in the United States of America where the nationality precedes the provenance of the citizen.

This was long fought for but many people still refer to them as native Americans. To be 'American' is in fact true of every person born in America, indeed of the Americas - not just Leonard Peltier []. From here in Indiana I am interested in your website and am reassured by growing grasp of reality that you British liberals seem to have nowadays.

I intend to speak to several of my VFW colleagues about the young British politician with so much spunk for a fight. We are pleased that you are so keen to support American industry. We are bullish and we are rootin' for you Mr Akehurst.

Brad, Troy Town Indiana

El Tom said...

I see what you mean about manc students. I love luke akehurst. He's amazing.

Luke Akehurst said...

Yes - El Tom - if you stop puffing the skunk for long enough it will eventually dawn on you that I was referring to you.