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Friday, July 28, 2006

The Great Escape Artist

The working class slums where I was brought up
Home, sweet home

I know it seems like I do sod all for a living, but having only just got back from Andalucia I'm off again - this time for a week with mummy and the Kentish part of the Akehurst clan.

Augustus is old enough now to get into some rip-roaring political arguments with his granddad, who's a bit left-leaning for my liking.

So, no email, no internet and no blogging... unless, of course, something interesting comes up.


Former Planning Committee Member said...

Oh yeah. Kent is it? Hop fields, oast houses, rabbit shooting and incest. Pull the other one mate. It's got a small glass of aguardiente hanging off it.

Kevin Federline said...

Now we all know from whence your kuntish demeanor comes from.

Luke Akehurst said...

Now we can't have this sort of language on the website. It is typical of the indolent inerudite solecistic scribbling of those who "attended" school in Hackney.

It should be either "Now we all know from whence your Kuntish demeanour comes", or "Now we all know where your Kuntish demeanour comes from".

kris said...

Dear Uncle Luke, You are of course correct. I did consider the, "Now we all know from whence you Kuntish demeanour comes"- but thought that may be to coarse even for this blog!

Luke Akehurst said...

Only your beard is too coarse for this blog. And it's "your", not "you". Clearly you did not attend the same school as James Abbott, or you would have learnt to speak proper English like what he does.

Britney Federline said...

Kevin - am I related to you? You're not my dad by any chance, are you?