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Friday, July 28, 2006

Hackney Council "Brick" Pioneers New Legal Procedures

Described as Hackney's "brick" in The last year, our very excellent Deputy Director of Law and Democratic Services Meauighhck Gullivers-Travells is making a big impact down at the Town Hall. "The Lawyer" reports that after years of neglect, the London Borough of Hackney is finally getting the Tender Loving Care that it needs.

Only a few days ago in his capacity as Chair of the Association of Council Secretaries and Solicitors (ACSeS), Maeiicchhk called for an entirely new academic qualification for local government lawyers and those working in the private sector in govt law and admin, claiming "at the moment there's nothing that acknowledges accomplishments in those areas".
Hackney's camera shy enforcer
Hackney's "prick"
I wonder what Myyaecchuck Gullivers-Travells has in mind. Knowing the wonderful officers that our Council has appointed in recent years to replace the old wash-out and corrupt has-beans of yesteryear, I'm sure Meiaeiaeiaccck will be announcing something shortly that will truly demonstrate NuLabour's commitment to diversity and accomplishments in tender loving care. I can't wait to hear what will be announced!


Anonymous said...

Let me guess... I do like puzzles. Would it have anything to do with summarily sacking black staff?

iLikeAkehurstFanClub said...

My dearest Luke,

The magnanimity of you and Hackney Council towards its employees seems boundless and the borough as a whole can only benefit from this proposed scheme.

Actually, I've been waiting for over a year and a half for a decision from the legal department (but I'm damned if I'm going to share my Competa villa with them AND the planning department, just to get a response). The Council Tax Section fares little better with a six-month wait for a response to a simple request.

There are already a number of off-the-shelf courses already available and suitable for Mr Glum Unsocial Devil.

Did you know his name is an anagram for "LEND US A CIVIL MOGUL"? Given our anxieties about the anticipated failures of the academies [or is that still embargoed?] this would be a good motto for the TLC, no?

If they study hard I'm sure our officers in the legal department will do well in Stage I of the following:

Yours, affectionately,



Ted Striker said...

You ain't going to get much response from the legal department, mate. It seems that some of them had the cheek to ask when their temporary contracts would be made permanent and as a result that chap in charge had what they call a hissy fit and sacked the lot of them. So now the glum unsocial devil as you put it is having to do the work himself. Still, it's socialism, I suppose.

Tenderlovingcare said...

If it is Meic Sullivan-Gould of whom you chaps are speaking - he with the sudden change of name to match the sudden change of job when leaving the Cabinet Office to inflict himself upon Hackney - then his recent behaviour towards his staff may be better suited to the following anagram for his name: "I've amusing old cull".

Brenda Scribbins said...

I'm getting very upset at all this nastiness. I've personally long gazed at his Italian marble statue-like figure and thought of him as "Il masculine luv god"!

Arnold Circus said...

Or as a Kentish yob might shout on viewing the aforementioned person's place of domestic residence: "Sum nice gold villa, u".

iLikeAkehurstFanClub said...

Thankfully, there is no basis for the unfounded allegation that anxiety (and a bad temper)causes him to suffer from halitosis (or, if he doesn't, his colleagues certainly suffer).

So, it is with a clear concience that we can delight in the anagram:


kris said...

same old shite! I've seen about 5 new brooms in my day. The last new broom, breath of fresh air was Ms Clare Lloyd-Jones- in fact, I thought the quotes could have come from her own article in the Lawyer a few years ago.

Hackney did have a legal department once- then council lawyer-managers (Ha!) pull the old stunt of more work less people. It all went tits up and hackney legal geniuses outsourced all work to to expensive City firms who shamelessly ripped them off. Last I heard, they were trying to build a team again. This sure oes sound like the way to do it- NOT

Britney Federline said...

"Glum unsocial devil". I just got it. It's another one of those handigrams, innit? Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Oh - not sex with the new appointee again? Do they never come across with new tricks?

Can I rephrase that, or is it too late?