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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Nuclear Common Sense At Last!

At last Alistair has taken my advice and reversed Alan’s anti-nuclear power policy.

I can’t wait to tune in this afternoon to hear Alistair announcing the Government’s new policy of encouraging firms such as Group 4, Electricite de Afghanistan, Northrop Grumman, Jed Augustus Developments and millions of small private investors like myself to build thousands of new nuclear stations without direct government funding.

That will poke one in the eye of the "hoodie-hugger" and his stupid little roof-mounted wind turbine. And provide some comforting pee on the head of Elliot Morley, Hull College of Ed graduate and former Minister for droughts.

Let’s hope Tony doesn’t bow to pressure from back-bench extremists like Meacher and front-bench extremists like Beckett and give the vegetables a vote on the matter. This is a time for decisive action, not tired old CND and Green Party speeches in the House.
An improvement on me - I only have two faces
Jed Augustus, CEO of JAD

I will be having a word with Julian about the redevelopment of Town Hall Square. Linda and I have come up with a great scheme to build the Ocean Finance Nuclear Power Facility & Council Chambers on the site of the old Town Hall and adjacent eyesores such as the Hackney Empire. I’ve also got some great ideas for converting some of the Borough’s vacant properties such as Clissold Leisure Centre, Stoke Newington Assembly Rooms and the Hackney and German hospitals into smaller "Chernobyl Metros" serving their local communities.

So, come on Alistair... plug in, turn on and let’s glow!!!

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