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Friday, July 21, 2006

Someone vs Golden Brown

I want to have my own TV show one dayMy good "comrades" Diane Portillo and Herbert Morrison both agree with me that John McWho's candidature for Labour Leader is good news. As I said in a recent speech to Haggerston Girls School Drama Club, this will provide an excellent opportunity for we fearless vampire killers to drive an extremely large stake through the leftie-loony's heart.

I couldn't agree more with Princess Di's touching comment that "Gordon Brown’s attraction to ordinary Labour Party supporters is that nobody seriously believes that he is a closet left-winger". Or, indeed, a closet anything else.

On the other hand, of course, Ms Costello has also written that "Brown has, rightly or wrongly, come to symbolise the more radical section of the Labour Party. Thus, apart from concentrating voters’ minds on Labour’s admirable economic record Brown’s re-entry must be welcomed for softening the New Labour rhetoric". She has also been maliciously accused of stating that "if Cameron is by some miracle chosen [as Tory leader], we need someone of similar age to combat him".

Is it just me or is there something a bit odd about the MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington saying one thing in one newspaper and something completely opposite in another? (perhaps not so implausible).

In any event, McWho will struggle to find 44 MPs to nominate him because we've spent the past nine years packing the House with Blair's Babes (and a few adoring female MPs as well). For the scouse git to succeed would be like Iran winning the World Cup after we have invaded and flattened the terrorist bastards.

Some people seem to think the trade union section will deliver a handsome vote for McWho in the electoral college (if he gets nominated). Dream on. Upwards of a million blue collar, working-class, grassroots trade unionists in Amicus (including a good percentage of my Labour Group councillors) will make sure this never happens.

What I really fail to understand is why all these lefties continue to push for positions of power in the Labour Party. If they are truly left-wing, why don't they join the LibDems or the Tories, whose policies are far more in line with their lunatic socialist daydreams than those of the Labour Party!

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