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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Unexpected Photo Of The Week

Someone well to the left of my politics... and DianeThis was one that Andrew Neill took when he flew me and his team to Brussels for a special election campaign edition of 'This Week'.

It's a bit embarrassing I suppose, but hell - all publicity is good publicity.


angela said...

Can we be sure this is not a fake?! "nudge-nudge wink-wink". I'm sure Diane would use a much more polite term for you when discussing your demise.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Abbott & Portillo are going to star in a reality TV version of "Room 101" in which, instead of pulling the handle in the studio, they drop unwanted items into the sea from helicopters.

Tom Price said...

No, no - you've got it confused. Diane is appearing in a TV reality show in which Hackney MPs and Councillors are taught to play a musical instrument.

Diane will, of course, be blowing her own trumpet. Luke Akehurst will pay the whip (apparently he's quite good at playing the piano, but struggles a bit when it comes to the black keys.)

Guy Nicholson will be playing the double-bass, Angus Mulready-Jones will play the serpent (a kind of cornet) and Katie Hanson will play the mouth-organ.

Patrick Vernon will be playing the fool and I understand that Jules Pipe has dropped out from early attempts to play the triangle and will be playing the field instead.

I can't remember the others. Perhaps someone can help me out here.