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Monday, August 21, 2006

Big Brother's Bigger Mother

Either a Trot or a Tory, playing on the public sympathyI was well p****d off with the Big Brother result. Look at this thing that won the final. A spotty little Stoke Newington anarchist-tree-hugger-looking guy of the sort who attends anti-war demonstrations outside my flats and shouts obscenities at decent law-abiding people like Linda and me. He only won the competition after thousands of ultra left readers of this site came out to vote tactically.

The gorgeous pouting AisleyneReaders will know from the article posted by my spoof impersonator that I supported Aisleyne who represents everything decent and attractive about the young people of today. I must admit that my backing for her was not just on political grounds. I hope Linda doesn't see this, but if I'm honest I really quite fancied Aisleyne. You can see from the picture that "she's my kinda gal".

Oh well, there's always Love Island. Maybe I'll get luckier there.

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Colin Byrne said...

Oh well, there's always Love Island. Maybe I'll get luckier there.

Is there a fund set up to which we can contribute to help buy you a ticket?