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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Vote, Vote, Vote For Nigel Akehurst

I've learnt a trick or two from Julian and I'm beginning to get the crack of this voting business at last. After my shame at not making enough calls to win Aisleyne the Big Brother competition, I've set my sights a bit lower and given a good hammering to Bloggers4Labour, whose presence at Labour Party GMEX I will be leading. After I published this brilliant idea it was taken up by Labour bloggers all over Britain.

Jed Augustus does his bit for DaddyVoting for my own blogsite articles was much cheaper than calling in to Big Brother, so Linda and I managed to whack in enough votes for me to come way up the league table and give the Sandwell Trotskyist dinosaur Bob Piper a good hiding. I voted for 14 of my own postings and Jed voted for another 6 (see picture - he got bored and started crying after the sixth vote). I even got a vote from someone else who was confused (probably El Tom).

Unfortunately, Humanists for Labour and Kerron Cross The Voice of the Delectable Left topped the poll with 169 votes to my 29. Looks like it's back to the voting booth!

Before any smart-arses post comments telling me I'm innumerate, the poll is still open so by the time you read Bloggers4Labour the numbers may have changed. Especially if I get time to pump a few more votes in for myself. Your confuzing inewmeracy with ilitaracy. Gosh it's fun this. Just like May all over again.

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