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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Blundering Brokeback Prescott Spoof

As someone on the receiving end of a spoof/parody website, I was concerned to see that even MPs are not immune from this phenomenon. In the case of John Prescott things have gone beyond parody articles and composite/morph photographs. The audience of a US video-clip website reportedly receiving 12 million hits a week (a few more than my blogsite) voted overwhelming for the Deputy PM when asked which well known figures should star in a new international section of the website.

In the spoof video, John is 'interviewed' about an upcoming role as a gay cowboy in 'Brokeback Mounting'. The film, which also contains video contributions from the Queen and Tony Blair is a tribute to Prescott's recent visit to the ranch of US tycoon Philip Anschutz and his professed love of all things 'wild west'.

John loves a friendly roll in the hay, or in this case, the street
Rough and tumble in "Brokeback Mounting"
John admits to enjoying a little "rough and tumble" and to being "gay", which he says means "happy and carefree" and nothing to do with his sexuality.

According to the video, John's next movie will be a biopic of Marlon Brando in which John will play the leading role and utter those immortal words: "Oh, Charlie, oh, don't understand. I could have had class. I could have been a contender. I could have been somebody, instead of a bum - which is what I am."

For those with technological deficiencies like me, click on the link, skip or watch the irritating ads, then select the Prescott movie from the panel.

1 comment:

Sue Smith said...

Wonderful video - enjoyed it very much! More, more, more!