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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Out And Proud

There have been a lot of snidey little comments recently from homophobic Tories, LibDems and tree-huggers attacking Hackney Labour councillors for hiding in closets and gutlessly denying their sexuality. When these accusations are made by LibDems the heavens open and pots and kettles shower down. This is, after all, the party of Simon Hughes whose Bermondsey victory in 1983 was marred by homophobic taunts and violence towards Peter Tatchell’s campaign, only for Hughes to subsequently come out and declare his own homosexuality.

Councillor Darren Parker - 'free & easy'Contrary to the comments, several of the gay members of my council team have come out and proudly so.

But this is a very personal decision and everyone has the right to decide whether to come out or not. Tatchell achieved notoriety as a founder member of OutRage!, an organisation that "outed" gay people against their will. This was, of course, a shocking and terrible thing to do.

So I was very disappointed to see one of my councillors outed by a fellow councillor on a Hackney Labour Party website. Shame on you Brian!


iLikeAkehurstFanClub said...

My dearest Luke,

I think it my duty, both as a member of the Labour Party and devotee of you, our Chief Whip, that I should make you aware that, quite apart from doubling up as a brown handkerchief demonstrator in M&S, our colleague also moonlights as Vin, foreman of the Stackers Union.

I wonder whether these additional responsibilities, on top of his entirely altruistic roles as an employee of CABE (the Commissions Arriving in Brown Envelopes) and sometime Chair of the Planning Sub-Committee could - potentially - lead to a conflict of interest.

I would hate to see "free and easy" Cllr Darren Parker get caught whilst in a compromising position.

Apart from giving him a good whipping (which, I suspect, he might relish) what course of action can you take?

Yours devotedly,


Luke Akehurst said...

I am afraid I cannot possibly discuss matters of conflict of interest with regard to planning decisions, as I understand that this topic may be sub judice as a result of a formal complaint alleging prejudicial interest.

I'm sure that none of this will prove to be true, but you can be assured that if any of my councillors are found guilty of improper conduct they will have their Labour Party membership rescinded and every effort made to remove them from positions on the Council.