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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Challenge

Hackney Labour Group currently lacks a policy big idea to deliver this term in local government, let alone the big idea(s) for the manifesto that will return Julian, me and the vegetables to the Town Hall at the next elections.

So here's a challenge. Post your ideas here. They must be for things that have not been tried before. So: no more 19-storey tower blocks in Dalston, no new swimming pool projects managed by Bob Stubbs and no more ALMOs privatising the council assets by the back door. Also they must be "big ideas", so when I say "deliver", I don't want any more babies all over the place.


Sue Smith said...

My "big idea" is that you should have a big idea before you stand for election. That way you won't have to make a prat of yourself appealing for big ideas.

Luke Akehurst said...

Who is Bob Stubbs?

Luke Akehurst said...

It looks like you are falling short in your stalking activities. See my earlier posting:

Bob Stubbs is the man who was never CEO of the successful project management company Wembley National Stadium Limited, was never retained by Hackney Council to advise on how to screw the best deal out of contractors on Clissold Leisure Centre and was very definitely not brought back to advise on how to fight off the massive claims for damages brought by the centre's operators Leisure Connections.

Of course none of this is anything to do with me and I know absolutely nothing about it. It all happened several centuries before I arrived in Hackney.

In any case, if anyone has to take a fall for this one it will be the old p**s artist (I think you know which councillor I mean).

Luke Akehurst said...

Never heard of him.

Luke Akehurst said...

Good, then I won't be saying anything else.

We've worked hard to keep the lid on Council misdoings, especially since Maieouk Gullivers-Travels took over the Law Department.

After all, we wouldn't want to end up like Liverpool Council with all our wrong-doings and stupid decisions plastered all over a website read by Council employees and members of the public, as with "Liverpool Evil Cabal".