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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Poverty In Hackney

Figures from the Joseph Rowntree Trust show that during the nine years Labour has been in power in this country, child poverty in London rose by 4%. This is despite the fact that in 1999, Tony Blair promised to end child poverty "in a generation".

In Hackney 12 of the 19 wards have more than twice the national average children in families living on benefits. My own council ward, Chatham, has the second worst level in the borough.

We have to get this dealt with. Reducing poverty is what the Labour Party exists to do. That these levels of deprivation can exist in one of the richest cities in the world is a disgrace. Why isn't this the priority for the third term rather than esoteric nonsense about "choice" and "public sector reform"?

We must get away from the elitist nonsense that forms the basis of so much of New Labour policy. We need to return the Labour Party to a path of socialism, under which the advantages of the few will be replaced by the emancipation and development of the many.

We need to seize the assets of the wealthy few like Bono who seek to profit by moving their assets to Holland to avoid British taxes. We must stop paying millions to the property speculators developing yuppie flats across Hackney and put an end to the greed of the PFI bloodsuckers who are privatising the nation’s wealth by stealth.

Oh Mummy, I'm having a nightmare!The money we take from these bloodsuckers should be used to eradicate the terrible child poverty of inner city children.

The only way to achieve these much-needed reforms is to get rid of Blair and his hangers-on and return a truly socialist leadership to the Labour Party.

I am actually fast asleep right now and will get one f**k of a surprise when I wake up and remember the ridiculous nightmare I have just had.

Linda, I love you. Honest I do. I really do. I didn't mean it when I said you had cellulite.


Slasher said...

Luke - please stop this ill-informed snearing. The Council's funding of so called "bloodsucking property speculators" ( I presume by this you mean the highly acclaimed plans for New Dalston)is regenerationing the area. It encourages nice young couples into the borough and nasty low rent plebs to move up north. This policy is actually doing wonders for the borough's child poverty figures and is motivated by the highest socialist principles.

iLikeAkehurstFanClub said...

Slasher writes:"It encourages nice young couples into the borough and nasty low rent plebs to move up north. This policy is actually doing wonders for the borough's child poverty figures and is motivated by the highest socialist principles."

If my memory serves me well, didn't Dame Shirley Porter steal these socialist principles from us at one point?

kris said...

Dear Guys, thank you for providing this excellent blog- you gotta laugh..Some of the shit that comes outta that boy's mouth really does beggar belief.

Luke Akehurst said...

Don't speak too soon Kris, this little shit may be your MP one day.

Britney Federline said...

The day you become an MP I'll marry Justin Timberlake.

iLikeAkehurstFanClub said...

Britney Federline said...

"The day you become an MP I'll marry Justin Timberlake.

'cuse me but isn't Britney female? So that would be a civil parnership instead, wouldn't it?

Of course our blessed Luke will become an MP! He has all the personal qualities to fulfil that role. Period.

Imagine what an asset he would be to national and international politics, to Downing Street, the European Community, NATO, the UN and, last but not least, the Knesset.

Hackney is his testament and legacy.

But, forgive me Luke for my impertinence, which Party do you think you should be a member of - to achieve all this?

Luke Akehurst said...

How dare you suggest anything other than my beloved Labour Party. Unless, of course, it is taken over by socialists or anything ghastly like that, in which case I was thinking perhaps "Pravda" or "Veritas" or "The Akehurst Party" might make a suitable alternative.