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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hurrah For My Spoofster!

Mine's a whopper!
The mirror to this blog set up by my spoofster/online stalker is a constant source of insight into the psychological "issues" afflicting its anonymous author. He, she, it or they (whichever) often go too far in characaturing me as being moderate, sensible and centrist.

Recently the spoofster even had the gall to suggest that I had become a food faddist - some kind of veggie-burger munching Green who didn't enjoy a good triple-burger with a dollop of foie gras.

Open your beak wider - I say - and get a load of this down your stupid neck! But I must admit that this time, refecting on the anniversary of 9/11, my spoofster has outdone anything I could have written.

Long Live America! Land Of The Free! Up yours, Cameron, you slimy little toad-shite.


Cedric Cholmondeley said...

You sound like a sensible boy. Not the son of a farmer by any chance, are you?

Clear Hardly said...

Luke - I linked to your spoofsters site. What dull and opinionated stuff. Not the sparkling insight and wit evident on the real thing ie yours. Isn't your spoofster just a case of fart imitating life?