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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Readers will recall that back in July I posted a piece on my suggestion to Hazel that we should have an official blogger at this month's Labour Party conference. Since then there have been rumours that the winner would, to quote from fellow-blogger Kerron Cross, "be an unheard of blogger, chosen for their impressionable nature and ability to tell us how wonderful the Labour Party is when fed a stream of friendly Ministers."

In the on-line poll conducted by Bloggers4Labour, Linda and I were able to record enough votes for different postings on this blog for me to come 11th, two places below Manchester student blogger Adele Reynolds, but above left-wing loony Councillor Bob Piper. The official blogger has now been appointed and I am pleased to announce that it is Jonathan Roberts, who runs the Thirsk & Malton Labour Blog.

Just the chap to blog for Labour and the working class
                Thirsk, North Yorkshire, "where time stands still"

Given the political turmoil of recent days, this is an excellent choice, second only to myself. Kerron was right. Jonathan's CLP website says: "We live in a very Conservative part of the world, but we aim to ensure that the Labour values of equality and opportunity still reach you. Britain is working, and we believe that the small matter of local Conservative rule should not stand in the way of our constituency enjoying the same benefits as everywhere else." Clearly this will be a good position from which to face the next election, when the entire country looks likely to enjoy the political benefits of Conservative rule currently experienced by Comrade Roberts.

Jonathan's unrivalled qualifications for taking on the role of Labour Party Official Blogger are clear from his response to the news: "I can't wait. This is my first conference so I was looking forward to it anyway, but now I have the chance to put Thirsk & Malton CLP on the map". His CLP site goes on to comment: "Having beaten off competition from countless other Labour bloggers, Jonathan will have chance to see all the major policy speeches up close and personal, as well as attending a wide variety of fringe events, debates and functions. Labour's national press team said that they expected Jonathan to bring a "fresh and insightful eye to proceedings".

Jonathan adds: "There is so much to do at conference, but I'm sure I can fit it all in. Getting this chance just goes to show that Labour is not just about the cities. I intend to blog throughout conference on issues that affect our towns and villages".

The last thing we want right now is for an excitable blogger to stir things up again in the Party. Jonathan will be ideal. He will blog about the Yorkshire dales and the closure of sub post offices, rather than about leadership struggles, wars in Iraq and Lebanon, the state of the health service and sleaze.

Having posted over 50 articles dating back to March 2006 comprising some 8,700 words without a single picture on a tasteful template in multiple hues of green, the soporific effect of his journalistic efforts will be just what the Party needs right now. Go to it Jonathan!

I'm sure Jonathan will wake everybody up

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Sue Smith said...

Looks like a lovely place for someone to retire to. So why don't you and Tony both f***k off there.