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Friday, September 08, 2006

Jug Ears Is At It Again

A passionate relationshipJust when I thought it was all over, Hackney man has done it again. In an interview to be published in tomorrow's edition of the Labour Party's favourite newspaper "The Daily Telegraph" - issued to the media under an embargo that just about everyone has chosen to ignore - jug ears describes Gordon as delusional, a control freak and a lousy team player. Here are a few snippets from what promises to be a comprehensive attack:

"The only person who can do Gordon down is Gordon. Can a leopard change his spots?... For Christ's sake, let him show what his quality is. If he doesn't, that becomes a very difficult situation... After the last 48 hours, people are saying: - Jesus, why did he have to behave like that? I talked to three or four former Cabinet colleagues yesterday, and anger doesn't express it.

Many Cabinet members are very cross with Gordon. Very, very cross. They don't like the Brown agitation and coup-type stuff. They are very dissatisfied. I don't think there is a great enthusiasm for Brown. It's a controlling thing - he thinks he has to control everything. He is totally, totally uncollegiate. Can he change? Can he delegate? I have not seen it myself. It was very, very difficult to work with him - very difficult indeed.

It was the control-freak thing. His massive weakness is that he can't work with people. Gordon's not touchy-feely. We just don't know what he thinks on a whole range of issues. What would his foreign policy look like? Will he pull troops out of Iraq? He wants to produce rabbits out of a hat after he becomes leader. I think he's got to produce his rabbits now.

Perhaps there is a psychological point... People who purport to lead the country have to be able to deal with these things...He is a perfectionist.

It is a complete delusion in Gordon's mind that if he had only run, he could have won...In his mind, he's the heir presumptive. The conference will be much harder for Gordon than for Tony because he will have to explain what kind of leader he will be. If he carries on with that grin and a sense of having been involved in an attempt to destabilise and depose Tony, then people will be very cross."

Well, it could have been worse. He could have described Gordon as a cannibal and chief-killer. On the other hand... you're right. We've finally found our own Boris Johnson!

1 comment:

Clear Hardly said...

My God Luke - there goes Right Charlie AGAIN! He cant seem to agree with anyone but himself - an obvious candidate to follow in our Great Leader's footsteps wouldn't you say?