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Saturday, September 09, 2006

I'm A Big Blogger

In the nature of the planet, there are those with small blogs and those with large blogs. What I mean by that, of course, is not the size of their databases but the size of their minds. Semantics here are important.

Iain Dale and I are "big bloggers", representing the broad political visions of the Tory Party and the Labour Party, respectively. We don't waste our time on trivia. The masses respect that by flooding to our sites - in Iain's case in tens of thousands and in my case in dozens.

Since 1st July I have published just under 20,000 words of wisdom. Thanks to the miracle of MS Word Count I've been able to run up a quick analysis of my verbiage and break out the results into broad categories.

I'm really interested in local affairs

Top of my bill, representing over 1/3 of my output has been the Labour Party national leadership issue and Tony's inspirational defeat of the plotters. My second largest output has been in general national politics, with postings on taxation, Ruth Kelly’s Commission, LibDems, Trotskyism, David Cameron, nuclear weapons, conspiracy theories, Diane Abbott and the House of Lords.

Almost 50% of my discourse has addressed NEC elections, other issues around the Labour Party nationally, Lebanon, other foreign countries and myself (including my television watching habits).

Finally, I've devoted 3.8% of my monograph to discussion of Hackney, its Council and local peasantry. And for someone with my vision, that's how it should be. After all, does Tony give speeches about Sedgefield?

Of course there are other bloggers in my Hackney Labour Group.

Hoxton Councillors Philip Glanville, Clayeon McKenzie and Carole Williams: thirteen postings in five months, three comments; Brownswood Councillors Brian Bell, Feryat Demerci and Darren Parker: five postings in four months, zero comments; and Councillor Sade Bright: five postings in two months, zero comments.

I think we all know what kind of internet players my colleagues are. They are not "big bloggers" like me. They are "small bloggers".

1 comment:

Darren Parker said...

Could you post a comment to our website, please. It would help the statistics to look better. In fact if you could make a few thousand postings when no-one's looking it would be appreciated, mate.