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Friday, September 08, 2006

More Trouble From Hackney

Jug ears rides again!As if we hadn't had enough Hackney trouble-makers involved in the Tony Blair departure fiasco already (see earlier postings), this morning I awake to discover that Jug-Ears has been mouthing it off to The Evening Standard. Charles Rodway Clarke, former Hackney resident and ex-Chair of Hackney Housing Committee has launched a scathing attack on Gordon's credentials as a candidate for future Leader of the GOLP.

Referring to the publicity stunt yesterday, when Gordon appeared in front of the cameras with something almost resembling a smile on his face and Sir Steve Redgrave growing out of his left shoulder, Clarke is reported to have said: "It was a stupid, stupid thing to do."

He continued: "Many members of The Labour Party are very worried and need to be reassured. He must prove to The Party and the country that he is fit to lead. After all, he may be the most popular man in Britain, but up to now all he has done is paddle some boats. He must also prove that he can get all the ducks in a row and make a big splash. The people of Britain will not be taken in by lots of bubbles but no substance."


Clear Hardly said...

Dear Luke - so Right Charlie Clarke, after attacking Tony, now attacks Gordon for causing "splits". Some irony. When in Hackney he couldn't even manage his stall in Ridley market and obviously he still hasn't learnt to shave. And how come our other ex-Hackney resident & great leader Tony isnt including Hackney on his "back to my roots farewell UK,hello USA tour"? Luke - cant you swing it 'cos we really want to say goodbye too. And we'll keep it short. Just two words in fact. The second is OFF

Luke Akehurst said...

We try very hard not to talk about The Great Leader's time in Hackney for reasons you probably know - a predecessor of mine as Labour Group Whip gave Tony a similar two word answer when he applied to become a Councillor for Queensbridge Ward. As a result he shoved off to Islington and made a fortune in property.

Or rather, strictly speaking, it wasn't the Chief Whip but his dog who told Tony to f**k off... a chap by the name of Mark Trotter.

But then, of course, that's another reason not to discuss the matter, because we sure as hell don't want to keep raising the case of Hackney Labour's mass-murdering serial paedophile, or the fact that both his greatest supporter and a former landlady are still serving as Councillors here today.


Luke Akehurst said...


Anonymous said...

Clear Hardly!? You can't fool me. I think you are Kneel, Pillock and I claim my £5.

Clear Hardly said...

Goodness Luke - I never knew Tart Rotter had so many well connected friends. Who exactly are these people? I think we should be told.

IlikeAkehurstFanClub said...

My dearest Luke,

Mark Trotter's landlady (who has been maliciously maligned as being responsible for finding him not guilty of any misdemeanours - so he could continue infecting vulnerable Hackney schoolchildren with HIV) provides, surely, the best example the Council has of being an equal opportunity local authority. Mark's landlady (drinking buddy and close friend) can neither read nor write (the ring binder fixed under her arm is for appearances only) and, even when sober, she has difficulty stringing together a coherent sentence.

However, her voting in accordance with the Whip is second to none (or in this case, second to nun, aka slavish "Sister M"). With special-needs representatives like these two on the Council, I can’t see what all these disabled residents have to moan about.

Yours adoringly,