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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tony Blair And Nineteen Eighty Four Three

Nearly a day later I've still got tears rolling down my cheeks. I'm also feeling quite sad about the prospect of life without The Great Leader.

Here is an extract from his wonderful speech about ageing, "normal people in the Labour Party", Aberdeen in the Cup Winners' Cup Final and some chap next door. I can't embed this video unfortunately, but it should play OK if you click on the link.

Video of Tony's farewell speech

My favourite bit - apart from the "Cherie and the man next door" joke - was Tony's reminiscence of watching the 1983 Göteborg Cup Winners' Cup Final between Aberdeen and Real Madrid. This famous Scottish victory took place on 11th May 1983, just 29 days before a famous election victory in the newly reorganised constituency of Sedgefield.

It brought back particularly poignant memories for me. All this was just a few months before I was sent off to public school - following in the footsteps of Tony - to learn how to truly represent the working class. As a birthday present that year, my parents gave me a simple piece of paper - an election leaflet. Over the years it has become my most treasured possession.

Here I reproduce for the first time my momento of that amazing day when The Great Leader burst onto the political map of Britain, only to change it for ever.

God, what a handsome man he isAnd what big policies he's got

My favourite bits are the ones about investing more in manufacturing industry, building more houses, keeping hospitals open, maintaining pension levels and the sheer "madness" of spending £10bn on Trident replacement.

Aaahh. Just thinking about it is making me cry again.


adolphus beerbone-smythe said...

What a shame we turned this hirsute young man down when he applied to become a Labour Councillor for Queensbridge Ward.

Had he stayed, he could now be opening swimming pools, selling off unwanted schools and erecting giant property developments in Dalston and the last 10 years might never have happened....

Only dreaming.

Anonymous said...

More on that teary goodbye to the gratest labour leader ever here.

Luke Akehurst said...

El Tom said... More on that teary goodbye to the gratest labour leader ever here.

So - adoration conquers technology. Welcome back to the land of the technically challenged. Pray tell how this feat was accomplished.