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Monday, September 25, 2006

TV Parade Of Labour Traitors

Labour Traitor-in-Chief and idiot who can't even spell his own name correctlyLinda called just now to tell me about the disgraceful programme put out by Channel 4 Trotskyist Television this evening - timed of course to coincide with the Party Conference. The Dispatches programme "The Labour Loans Scandal" made by New Anarchist magazine "journalist" Martin Bright (there's a misnomer if ever I heard one!) was apparently nothing more than a parade of Party traitors - led by the biggest b*****d of them all, Neal Lawson.

Neal (I don't know which way my compass is pointing) Lawson was joined by arch-traitors Derek Draper, Julia Hobsbawm, Ned Temko, Lance Price, Geoff Mulgan, Peter Kilfoyle and Angela Eagle - more than a few of "the usual suspects".

Collectively, they suggested that Labour arranged the loans knowing perfectly well that most were never intended to be repaid and that honours of one sort or another would follow by an indirect and circuitous route, as in night following day.

What's in your wallet?
What's worse is that the programme revealed inner details of the Party that are not intended to be publicly released. If you have a bit of a financial squeeze at home and half your kids walk out on you and move elsewhere, you don't go blabbing to the whole bloody street, do you?

But these b*****ds went and confirmed that under Tony's watch, the Labour Party has lost over half of its membership, reaching an all-time post-war low, and is now technically bankrupt. According to the programme, as I understand it, the Party could not have accepted loans even if they were genuine loans at commercial rates (which they were not) because you are not allowed to trade while insolvent.

With liabilities of £11.5m, trading losses of £3m per annum and millions in unpaid loans that must now be repaid if Tony is to stay out of jail, it looks like we'd better get the collecting boxes out.

I shall take a lead in this. I will be outside the hall first thing tomorrow morning, come rain or rain, collecting small change from the bedraggled queues waiting to get through the Walter Wolfgang memorial security centre and into the front door of G-MEX.


Sue Smith said...

I can see a possible outcome here. Cherie becomes the star of a reality TV series in which she slags off politicians and celebrities. The series is so popular that Cherie makes enough money to pay off the Labour Party's debts, buy the party and convert it into a private TV production company/PR agency. Everyone lives happily ever after. Am I dreaming?

Anonymous said...

Er, I think his name's spelt Neal.

Sorry to be a pedant

Luke Akehurst said...

Quyte wright and Ive coreccted the misteak. Litterarsy never was my strangest pint.