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Friday, September 15, 2006

Two Verses Short Of A Qur'an

I still don't understand where the missing verses wentIt looks like Tony will be postponing his plans to convert to Catholicism, following the recent stupid speech by Pope Günter Grass-Ratzinger II, blaming 15th century Muslims for launching Crusades to spread their religion by violence and attacking the Prime Minister for perpetrating the same policies in the 21st century.

Visiting Germany last week, Pope Grass-Ratzinger is reported to have said that "everything that Blair brought was evil, 'such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached'".

As if we didn't have enough trouble with internecine religious warfare in Hackney Labour Group (see my earlier report on Councillors Alas Smith-and-Jones and Lindy Haifa).

We need this sort of political stupidity like we need an explosion on a number 26 bus. Just because he was a member of the Hitler Youth is no excuse for this upsetting behaviour. Tony's butcher has already refused to supply Downing Street with any turkeys for Christmas Winterval and if things get any worse we may see the senior citizens at the PKK Retirement Home and Community Centre getting overly excited and falling out of their bathchairs.

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A Fatwa said...

We know where Julian Pope lives and we will be paying a visit soon.