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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blogging Is The New Canvassing

In the ancient days, BT (before Tony), there was a breed of people known as "party activists". These chaps used to walk the local streets, meet people, hold public meetings and do something strange and rather ghastly called "canvassing". They were also prone to be trouble-makers, as for example with the well-known "activist" Wally Wolfpack, infamous for repeatedly disrupting great leadership speeches at party conference.

Thankfully we have now cleared most of this riff-raff out of the modern Labour Party and replaced them with clean cut, indoor bloggers like me. We communicate with like-minded intelligent people over the internet and thus avoid the problems of (a) getting wet, (b) having to meet chavs, (c) facing political opposition. We can also do our blogging during working hours at our employer's expense, of course, thereby maintaining our high standard of living while fighting for the rights of ordinary working people.

I came across this clip that shows just how revolting these "activists" used to be, living in their squalid houses with their gross families and propagating their ludicrous socialist ideas. Hurrah for the internet!

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