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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Kerron Cross: A One Man Argument For All Ginger Shortlists

What a fine-looking specimen of humanityI quite like to launch attacks on other Labour bloggers, as in the following earlier postings:

"Turnout was down by one as Dave Osler of Lordship Road is on a very timely holiday to Cuba..."

"Adele, I think the contradiction anonymous has spotted is that here you are offering a plea in mitigation of Militant yet your own blog is headed by Neil Kinnock's superb 1985 Conference Speech calling for their expulsion from the Labour Party and citing their mismanagement of Liverpool City Council?"

"Labour left blogger Bob Piper is excited because he thinks that he's found in me the lost "right wing" of Labour."

One Labour blogger who deserves a good kicking is Kerron Cross. This is a man who wasted a full 7 years working for a Labour MP, as opposed to getting in a short period with Thicko Dobson and the Hampstead Witch and then getting the hell out of it like me. And when he should be blogging about serious political issues such as NEC candidates, the Swedish and Venezuelan elections and nuclear weapons, what is he doing? This is the idiot who managed to publish an erudite review of England's miserable football performance tonight within an hour or so of the end of the game. Clearly someone to give a kicking to!

Kerron is also, of course, the blogger who came top of Iain Dale's list of top Labour bloggers, a contest in which, despite the best efforts of Linda and myself to submit supporting votes, I came a humiliating 35th.

Just the hair colour alone puts me off
Iain Dale, Tory
complete waste of space
A man who wastes his time blogging to no audience
Kerron Cross, Labour
little village blogger

As area where I fundamentally disagree with Kerron is over the subject of affirmative action. Kerron is well-known for his obsessive and entirely self-serving/self-pitying opposition to restricted shortlists, as expressed in several posts.

I hate to break it to Kerron but someone like me could probably beat him in a selection contest even without a restricted shortlist, especially if the day had a "q" in it and the wind was blowing in the right direction. Becoming an MP has nothing to do with football and much to do with being Amicus-sponsored, having been Special Adviser to some serious multi-national armaments manufacturers and having a good track record as a councillor for somewhere or other I can't quite remember just now.

Personally I support All Ginger Shortlists (AGS) - and will do until we carrot tops are fully and proportionately represented in parliament. There is a legitimate argument to be made in opposition to AGS. But it is better made by people who are not men chasing parliamentary seats. As a brunette, Mr Cross ought to declare a prejudicial interest. I am sure he is not a dyed redhead as he often posts pictures of himself on his site. However he does seem to have an "issue" with people like me becoming MPs before he does - an odd attitude for a socialist.

Silly men like Kerron who think becoming an MP is a birthright they have been denied by AGS are a good argument for AGS in themselves.

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