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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Clissold Greens Fail To Challenge Ballot

Flobbadob, Cat Woman. Flobbadob, Pedal Man.Regular readers will remember that the Greens failed to win two of their predicted three Council seats in Clissold Ward in May's local elections.

Only Cat Woman managed to scrabble together enough votes, despite half of the world's greens swamping the ward with canvassers offering voters free flowerpots and bicycle pumps. And I'm convinced she achieved this perverse result by spying on me - she's both a member of my trade union and a trustee of the cemetery over the road. Pedal Man was taken out by Karen and my lovely partner Linda gave a good thumping to PR Woman, beating her by 1,127 votes to 843 votes.

Now it was suggested at the time that the accidental mis-printing of the ballot papers so that the words "Green Party" disappeared from below PR Woman's name may have been a contributory factor in Linda being elected. Some tree-hugging extremists even suggested that the guillotining error might have been deliberate, although they soon withdrew these malicious allegations after I consulted with Messrs. Twiste, Spynnit and Post.

Green Party activists gather in Clissold ParkDespite lots of clack at the time from the cyclists, five months have now passed without a legal challenge and the deadline is now long past.

I'm personally convinced that the veggie- munchers didn't want a re-run because they knew we'd wipe them out in a by-election and Cat Woman would lose her seat. Still, never mind. We'll get her next time.

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