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Sunday, October 01, 2006

David Cameron Steals My Video Idea

Regular readers will know that I'm all for using modern technology to get the political message across. Unlike my pathetic little spoofster who can't keep up with my techno-whizz, I've been using large pictures regularly for ages. More recently I've posted video clips of Labour superstars and interesting events such as the eviction of trouble-making NEC members from Party conference.

Typical of Tories, when a chap gets a good idea they come along and steal it. You know what ex-public school students are like - bears of very little brain, but well versed in the art of lying and cheating. I mean, could you imagine anyone in the Labour Party stealing anything from Tories? Apart from more sensible elements of government policy, of course.

Yesterday David Cameron launched WebCameron - a sad little website showing video clips of the hoodie-hugger bullying his children in the kitchen, poking himself in the eye and p*****g off his wife big time.

My favourite bit of Cameron's site is "What everyone's talking about", the list of most searched tags on the web. When I checked this morning it showed the following order of popularity: dancing girls, airport, introduction, tuktuk, gay Tories, site, gordon brown, david cameron hipster embarrassing, guardian, website, david cameron hipster embarrassing spoof, delhi, senator.

Interesting to see that "dancing girls", "gay tories" and "gordon brown" are all more interesting to web surfers than the little green cyclist. I was intrigued by the tag "david cameron hipster embarrassing spoof". I couldn't find this - maybe someone can post me a link - but I did find the following video clip which shows exactly what a little tea-leaf the Wantage W**ker is. Enjoy!

1 comment:

David Webcameron said...

I've put my best chap onto the case and you will find this morning that the "What everyone's talking about" section of my website now reads as follows:

"wonderful blog" "Tory" "great communicator" "man of the people" "green" "clean politics" "website accessibility" "webcameron" "lovely wife and children" "Conservative Party" "best thing since sliced bread" "the next Prime Minister".