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Monday, October 02, 2006


My stats map of referring sites
September was the first full month I had a stats package going on who is reading this.

8356 page views and 3672 visitors.

Hello to my spoofster and to ilikelukeakehurst who visited me 30 times each. And to all the visitors from the Metropolitan Police Special Branch, GCHQ, MI5, MI6, the FBI and the CIA who visited me numerous times trying to figure out whether I am a real Labour Party member or Osama bin Laden in disguise.

Top 10 referring sites sending people here: (self-admiration) (37% of visitors) (22% of visitors) (17% of visitors) (10% of visitors) (my spoofster)(4% of visitors) (3% of visitors) (2% of visitors) (2% of visitors) (1% of visitors) (1% of visitors) (1% of visitors)

Visitor locations:
Papua New Guinea 22%
Lebanon 18%
Israel 15%
Myanmar 11%
USA 10%
Australia 7%
Peru 5%
Venezuala 5%
Sweden 4%
UK 3%

Heaviest days of traffic: Sept 8 followed by Sept 27 (Jug Ears speaks, Tony makes me cry)

Most read posts: this and this

Strangest google seach terms leading to this site:
"nuke the lot of them"
"i'm a miserable little bastard"
"ginger-haired in nappy"
"man boobs"
"food and wine in N16"
"working for mossad"
"care in the community"
"the peoples' flag is deepest pink"
"luke akehurst public school"
"naked councillors"
"swedish election victory"
"infected half of hackney"
"hackney councillors on vodka"
"when will the pool re-open?"


Leonard Henry Courtney said...

One must admire your graphically accompanied presentation, the like of which I have ne'er seen before.

But, after all, facts are facts, and although we may quote one to another with a chuckle the words of the Wise Statesman, 'Lies--damned lies--and statistics,' still there are some easy figures the simplest must understand, and the astutest cannot wriggle out of.

I fear that your doppelganger - for all that is to be admired in his campaign for proportional representation - may be alienating his readers as a consequence of his continuing support for imperial wars of conquest. Shameful behaviour for a man of politics. He should have the courage to cross over to the Conservative benches, where he surely belongs.

I remain, etc. Baron Courtney

sidney butterbean said...

Can anyone tell me where to find pictures of ginger-haired ones in underpants, or preferably in nappies?