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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tower Blocks, A Party Whip And A 16-Yr-Old Boy

Think Labour, think massive tower blocks of luxury flats for the massesOne of the first things we did when we took back control of Hackney Council after the departure of "Trotter's Traitors" was to clean up the sleaze and mess that they left behind. Hackney is now a green, beautiful and much loved part of London, whose residents adore living here. And the behaviour of Labour Councillors is beyond reproach.

You can read all about this and more in the latest edition of "Circa", the magazine of Hackney Council's favourite estate agents and property developers Stirling Ackroyd, which features the gorgeous pouting Julian Pipeshaft on pages 1, 3, 16, 17, 18 and 19 ("Jules Rules"). It's given me a great idea. We'd already announced a revamp of "Hackney Grain Harvest Today", as people were complaining that the ink rubbed off when the pages were used in the lav. At the next meeting of Publicity & Spin Sub-Committee I shall propose merging the two into a new free publication "Hackney Property Development Toady".

Mark Foley - an expert in child exploitationIt's a bit of a shame that our good Republican friends across the pond are not managing to maintain the same high standards of personal behaviour that apply to our Labour Group.

I've been reading in the papers this morning about Florida Republican Congressman Mark Foley, who has just been forced to resign after ABC News reported salacious emails that he allegedly sent to a 16-year-old boy from Louisiana employed as a "page" (intern messenger) at the House of Representatives.

Sexual predation of young employees is bad enough, as in the case of Carter and Lewinsky. But in this case it involved someone who was not only a deputy GOP Whip but also Chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children. Foley's lawyer has apparently announced that the Congressman has checked himself into a rehab program for alcoholics, as if drinking too much could somehow explain his behaviour.

All I can say is that as long as I'm Chief Whip none of my Councillors will ever be caught attempting to seduce boys one-third their age.


iLikeAkehurstFanClub said...

My dearest Luke,

You state: All I can say is that as long as I'm Chief Whip none of my Councillors will ever be caught attempting to seduce boys one-third their age.

The trouble is ... how are you going to avoid your Councillors getting caught? Chris Bryant was effective here in Hackney, of course, but I suspect it may one day come back to haunt him. I would hate to see your copy book blotted with the same horrid stain.

Check out the following looney rants:

Yours affectionately,


Luke Akehurst said...

When I say they won't be caught, I mean they won't be caught.