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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Election Bananas As Southern Axis Of Evil Extended

So, yet another extremist anti-Bush candidate has been elected as President of a Latin American country. Hot on the heels of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua,Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, Alan Garcia in Peru and Evo Morales in Bolivia, now we have Rafael Correa in Ecuador.

Correa secured a 60%/40% victory over businessman Alvaro Noboa, who challenged the results, saying: "This fraudulent result make us look like a banana republic."

A Noboa campaign rally in Quito

Defested candidate Alvaro Noboa is a close friend and ally of the US and UK, a keen supporter of the wars against terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the world's richest producer of bananas.


Hilda Blogwaggoner said...

What are all these little yellow people doing? Is it a protest against the Duke of Edinburgh?

Markos Kyprianou said...

You can relax. The curvature of these bananas clearly exceeds the official EU limits so they would never be able to export them to EU countries.

michael said...

Stop calling chavez a dcitator you lying liar, i dont agree with all of his politics, but you seem to be conveniently and sneeringly ignoring the fact that the man has won 8 elections - all certified as free and fair by international bodies, and when there was a business/military coup against him, which you no doubt approved of, the people of their own accord swelled out into the streets to re-instate him , despite the blatent lies being published in the print and braodcast media as to what was actually happening. How dare you call yourself a labour politician, how dare you call yourself a human being.