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Monday, November 13, 2006

Extreme Clean Up

Before and after pictures of this place which, although not exactly in my territory of responsibility, is never far from my mind.

In any event it's a hell of a lot more interesting than Chatham Ward Hackney, where the most exciting news you are likely to see is about flytipping eyesores and derelict garages on the Jack Dunning Estate. That's why you always see me blogging about international affairs and rarely, if ever, talking about Hackney.

This information has been sent to me by a resident and it shows the results of a big clean up exercise.

Before (illustration of the results in 2004)
After (following complaints by most of the world's population, the US electorate not only removes rubbish from the Senate as shown here, but does the same in the House of Representatives as well)

Here are photos of the rubbish that has been cleared up from this particular area:

and photos of some of the fly-tippers who have been causing the nuisance:

I must admit that the last photo does look a little bit like a very good mate of The Great Leader, but I'm sure it must be a coincidence as we would never associate with anyone who engaged in anti-social behaviour such as this.

1 comment:

Ethel Barracuda said...

It's all a terrible shame. I really liked that nice Mr Bush and I know the Prime Minister thought the world of him. Now we will have to deal with those nasty Democrats. Still, at least it's better than dealing with socialists, eh?