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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I don't often draw attention to the spoof Luke Akehurst site (it just encourages him), but Linda and I have been getting so p****d off with this annoying chap pretending to be me, we set a trap this week.

Having just moved to our new house, I published a photograph of a house further down the road to attract the attention of the creepy blogger. It worked. Shortly afterwards, someone was spotted lurking about opposite the property illustrated - and they didn't look like a prospective purchaser. I then emailed the spoofster to tell him that he was visiting the wrong house and I gave him the correct address.

An unsavoury character if ever I saw oneWe then lay in wait, armed with a camera and telephoto lens, knowing that the pestilent blogger wouldn't be able to resist the challenge.

It was a gamble, but one that paid off. Yesterday he re-appeared outside the property opposite, armed with a camera. And we photographed the villain. So matey... the game's up.

He turned out to be a man in his late middle age, podgy round the middle and going bald on top.

I was shaking a bit, so the photo's not brilliant, but someone out there with better eyesight than me will recognise him, I'm sure. GOTCHA!


philomena gerkins said...

He looks like a right evil bastard. I wouldn't trust a man who looks like that as far as I could throw him. You look after yourselves my dears and don't let the nasty man bother you.

arvind patel said...

Is this a picture of ilikelukeakehurstfanclub? I bet it's him.