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Sunday, November 26, 2006

How To Deal With Trouble-Makers

Never trust a man in skirts who eats animal intestinesFor those whose disappearance through traitor's gate might cause a bit of civil unrest, here's the way to deal with trouble-makers openly, in front of the cameras.

The Great Leader at his best! "Yes, I will still be here on Friday", said Tony to the head haggis-muncher last week. "I have no plans to be detained at Her Majesty's pleasure".

"I shall be attending the Scottish Labour Party conference this Friday". And he kept his word, warmly greeting Gordon Brown's best mate Jack McConnell and making absolutely no reference whatsoever to McConnell's press statement that "there is a real possibility that the Nationalists could win in May and could take Scotland to the brink of independence".

That's how to deal with them!

1 comment:

Jock Scroag said...

Not only should we give the bastards independence, we should build a wall just like your friends the Israelis have done. I personally can'nay stand the English.