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Friday, November 24, 2006

A Traitor In The Ranks

So we have a traitor in the ranks - or strictly speaking no longer in the ranks, as Brynley Sidaway has been told where to put himself and his left-wing politics by Macam CLP and is now sitting as an... oh it makes me sick to utter the word... Independent.

This trouble-maker was notorious on Wearside for expousing such extremist policies as retaining council housing, rather than selling it off and letting the peasantry experience the benefits of the free market.

Now the little s**tbag has gone and blabbed his mouth off to the BBC, the police and the Standards Board for England and probably to Alcoholics Anonymous, the Communist Party of Cuba and Greenpeace as well.
Brynley Traitor, Macam blabbermouth
Brynley Sidaway - never heard of him

What's wrong with this rotten little man? The rest of us have all coughed up to pay off the Party debts in the wake of the cash-for-honours and secret loans affairs.

What on earth makes this rat think that he can refuse to give 3% of his £7,106 a year Councillor's allowances to the worthy cause of keeping Old Queen Street afloat.

Apart, of course, for the fact that the levy is probably illegal. That's why we all kept our mouths shut about it, and now this traitor has mouthed off.

As I recall from a recent weekend excursion with Augustus, there's a very solid gate off Water Lane, EC3, leading into a nice comfortable hotel. I suggest we put the rat into a canoe and paddle him in through it.

1 comment:

Councillor Isaac Wienfinkel said...

I hope you're not coming round here with your little collection box. I've got a wife, eighteen children and a large dormer extension to pay for and I can't afford to make donations to the Labour Party. In any case, I'm a member of the Tory Party. Does that exempt me?