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Monday, November 27, 2006

Karen's Cross

Kerron Cross - deserves a good kickingOh dear, Karen's got the sulks, just because I won the Labour Home poll on which blogger should be deputy Labour leader in 2022. She's even been seen out and about canvassing against me, with crudely drawn placards.

Final results were:

Adele Reynolds1 vote0%
Alex Hilton1 vote0%
Andrew Brown1 vote0%
Andrew Regan1 vote0%
Antonia Bance1 vote0%
Karen Cross1 vote0%
Miranda Grell1 vote0%
Neil Harding1 vote0%
Tom Freeman1 vote0%
Luke The Nuke Akehurst2,398 votes99.6%
Total2,407 votes

This was an excellent result, very similar to that achieved by President Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan at the last Kazak General Election.

Although the usual suspects have accused me of cheating, I am pleased to report that various comradely people to my left have defended my honour after being shocked by the vitriol poured upon me and my family by Harry Perkins, whoever he is. To all those I offered a pint of beer to in exchange for voting, I'll see you at Hackney CLP Christmas Winterval Party. And for God's sake you lot, no blogs headed "Beer-for-votes scandal hits Labour"!

1 comment:

Hilda Blogwaggoner said...

What a lovely looking girl. Can you ask here if she come over to South Mimms Ladies Knitting Circle one Wednesday afternoon and talk to the ladies about countryside protests?