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Monday, November 27, 2006

Very Moving

The Akehurst family seat in StokieThankfully I've been able to post from my office and the local internet cafe over the past few days, while Linda and I have been busy moving house to Beatty Road. It's been a bit of a slog though and I'm only just catching up with my blog.

For those of you without my extensive knowledge of investment property in North London, the new chez Akehurst is in Stoke Newington Central ward, politically the soundest branch in Hackney North CLP, and the one I used to chair before our previous move four years ago.

As you can see, the property is more in keeping with our social status than the somewhat plastic modern apartment that we previously inhabited in Abney Park Court. We picked it very carefully to give the impression of living amongst the oi polloi right in the centre of Hackney's shopping area, whereas it's actually the most quiet road in the area, especially at the far end where we are. We can live here behind double glazing and pretend to be in Gravesend or Guildford.

Linda and I are over the moon to leave behind Hackney's only LibDem ward. Now if we want to get something done on the nod by the council we just have to ask Jamie, Rita or Muttalip, rather than having to suffer the indignity of crawling to the Yellow Peril, Ian, Joseph and Dawood. On the downside the new place is in a CPZ... but on the bright side I don't own a car. Ha Ha. I won't be the one with nowhere to park when I get home late.

1 comment:

Leonard Potty said...

At least now your place will look as urban as that Macaroon chap's pad, when viewed from a satellite. So they won't be able to call you "country boy".

I refer, of course, to an earlier post on your wonderful blogging website.

Yours etc.